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Part 1. From River to Lake
Content of page 46 of my C&O by Steve Fuchs with Rick Acton , Jr.
AC Cabin

Marion’s junctions were controlled
by Erie (later, EL then Conrail) as
AC Tower [Atlantic Crossing—
for Erie predecessor Atlantic &
Great Western]. Conrail closed
AC in 1995; CSX now controls the
crossings known as AC Cabin on
the Columbus sub at mile 46. In
November 2005, an eastbound
approaches AC as seen through
a window of the preserved former
tower—relocated on Marion Union
Station Association property at the
southwest corner of the Mt Victory-
NS crossing. The tower includes
an interlocking model board
restored by former EL operators.
     David Oroszi
David Oroszi​
    Blast from the past     October 1975

      An eastbound at AC passes a feature used by C&O after installing CTC in 1955 but
      before the next round of traffic control was completed in 1981. Center sidings were
      equipped with remote power switches (rather than the previous hand-throw / spring
      switches), but instructions for train handling were communicated by a “take siding”
      signal aspect. Here, a lighted yellow “X” would notify a westbound train to be held
      in the MD Cabin siding; the East End of MD signals are visible in the distance.