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About St Alban Media, LLC
In between the Ohio River, Lake Erie and Alleghany, it's guaranteed we'll see plenty of action while attempting to help form the picture of a once proud and still interesting enterprise-Chesapeake and Ohio.
The author, Tom DeWinter, and Rick Acton, Jr. wait at a grade crossing along the former C&O in West Virginia October 2008.
St Alban Media, LLC was founded in 2011 with its first project to publish "my C&O" by Steve Fuchs with Rick Acton, Jr.  The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway has been a favorite
of the main contributors and they're proud to present a scenic and informative narration of the railway from the perspective of C&O's charter destination in the west.

My C&O reflects the efforts of two Ohioans covering 600+ track miles through Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.  More than a book about CSX, "my C&O" delves into the entrepreneurial and geographic reasons shaping the location and development of C&O.  
The book includes scenes from several additional railroad photographers to provide
a complete tour of the area covered between 1958 and 2010.

Steve Fuchs began photographing trains in the mid 1990's and started visiting C&O lines in earnest around 2000.

Rick Acton, Jr. inherited a love of railroad photography from his father, Richard D. Acton, and has recorded many of the corporate and physical ​transitions along C&O lines since starting serious photography in the late 1970's. 

St Alban Media and Steve Fuchs hope to collaborate with other railroad history and photography enthusiasts on future works to continue to tell the story of railroading.
St Alban Media, LLC, takes its name both from the town of St. Albans, West Virginia-one of our favorite C&O locations-and specifically from its associated patron Saint Alban, first known Christian martyr in Roman Britian, likely of the 3rd century AD.
St Albans, West Virginia is a modern railroad interchange hosting much of what a railroad enthusiast could ask for: heavy traffic, a river crossing, sidings, a screeching wye, tunnels, and a restored station.  And for much of its history, the town hosted a yard,  engine terminal, and a large number of massive, signature C&O cantilever signal bridges.
photo by Matt Cvitkovich
"Once we recognize that Vauces lies admist a scenic subdivision with bursts of traffic plus occasional diversions in the form of of a nearby competitor, we've just found something to do on  a pleasant day in Ohio.
Let's hope they're running!"
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