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Welcome to St Alban Media

C&O Presentation

by Fuchs on 01/18/12

Steve and Rick will be presenting a Chesapeake & Ohio slide show at the Marion Union Station meeting room this Saturday evening, January 21st. Contact us at for more details.



Ready to ship to you

by Fuchs on 01/06/12

Steve and Rick picked up the books last night from the UPS Freight Center.

We are quite pleased with the production of the book and are looking forward to sharing this work with you.

The "Buy Now" button takes you to a payment form to fill out. There is a button for Ohio residents that includes sales tax and a button for out-of-state orders without Ohio sales tax included. Contact us for wholesale book purchases.

Happy New Year

by Fuchs on 12/28/11

Steve Fuchs began photographing trains in the mid-1990's. Early in life, our children thought a park was a gravel access road along train tracks.  In addition to the camera bag, we always took the "train bucket"- shovels and little trains for them to entertain themselves while we waited for the real trains.

Our family lexicon includes "gipped" and "zapped." Gipped is when the radio alerts you a train is approaching (the right direction at the right time of day) but you arrive too late photograph the engines. Gipped. Zapped is when you are already camped out at the right spot, the right time of day, the right train on the right track, you are poised and ready to snap a shot but at the last possible moment:  A cloud blots out the sun. Zapped.

In stock

by Fuchs on 12/28/11

my C&O by Steve Fuchs with Rick Acton, Jr is in stock. 

To show our appreciation for our early customers, we have free shipping thru the end of January.

Please contact us for dealer pricing and terms. Thank you to the shops that have already placed orders!

You can purchase by credit card on our website or use the "contact us" button on the website to make arrangements for check or money order payment.

*Welcome to

by Fuchs on 12/07/11

Thank you for visiting, publishers of my C&O.

my C&O is our first venture into railroad book publishing. Steve has photographed, written, and editted in earnest to bring you his version of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.

It has been quite the adventure. In an effort to bring you a quality book, the printing has been delayed and the books are not yet in stock. Contact us to receive an update.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our interest in railroading with you.

Steve Fuchs with Don Hutzel
​Brochure of Cyrus Eaton's 
Acadia Farms cattle 
available at auction 1959
Presenters at April 2013 St Albans, WV
"Whistles by the Depot" photo event (see blog entry below)

 October 2012 ​Q313-21 Russell, KY
October 2012 
Vauces, OH
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